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Markets Served: Nova Scotia

About Ideal

DLC Ideal Mortgage of Halifax, Nova Scotia is a premiere mortgage provider. We offer a smart and experienced alternative to securing mortgage financing for homeowners with the established chartered banks and financial institutions. DLC Ideal Mortgage is a retail financial service provider delivering a team of licensed mortgage specialists experienced in negotiating with lenders to secure the "Ideal" mortgage based on the unique requirements for each borrower.

DLC Ideal Mortgage arranges mortgages required to purchase or refinance a home. Refinance mortgages arranged by DLC Ideal Mortgage can unlock homeowners' hard earned equity to improve their everyday lives. Our refinance products can consolidate debt, reduce monthly payments and reduce interest costs by simply putting hard earned equity to work. For many people this allows the flexibility to consider a summer home or home renovations that may have always seemed unaffordable.

DLC Ideal Mortgage arranges financing with a portfolio of quality lenders including many chartered banks and trust companies. We know how to make the strongest case for the best rates and terms available based upon a customer's unique requirements and credit profile. In the process, we eliminate for you the often intimidating and stressful step of having to go from lender to lender presenting your case in hopes of obtaining an approval with good rates and terms.


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